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VidOwave 78G

 71-76G / 81-86G Dual Duplex Wireless Ethernet

                       24”                      12”
                                                                         Multi Mode or Single Mode

                                                                      12” or 24” Parabolic Antennas

                                                                           Ethernet Links for 2 - 5 KM

                                                                                      Up to 10 KM under ideal conditions

       VIDOWAVE 78G SUMMARY:                                          HIGHLIGHTS:

       The VidOwave 78G exceeds other point to point wireless         • Very High Performance 2.5 Gbps E-Band
       ethernet communications with an incredible 2.5 Gbps
       throughput on the E-Band. This link has a range of 2 to 5      • Dual Band Frequency Flexibility
       KM. If conditons are ideal, range can potentially reach 10

       KM with an added feature. Single or Multi Mode Fiber Optic     • Allows for Lightly-licensed Deployment
       Interfaces are available.

                                                                      • Multiple antenna & polarization options
       The VidOwave 78G comes with 12 inch or 24 inch parabolic
       antennas, depending on the range you need for your appli-      • Extremely Low Latency of approx 2 nS

       cation. This spectrum is ligthly-licensed which allows for a
       lower recurring cost. Having the dual band sets you up for
       optimal frequency planning exibility.                         • Proven mission-critical performance

       The VidOwave family of wireless ethernet links has a           • 100% bench/range tested
       proven record of performace on mission-critical events in

       Iraq and Afghanistan. The Latency of the VidOwave is next      • Improved antenna hardware
       to zero at 2 nS.  The VidOwave is been 100% bench/range
       tested for dynamic range and bit errors. The VidOwave is on    • Industry standard features included
       it’s 3rd Generation, meets all industry standard features,
       and has improved antenna mount/pointing hardware.              • On 3rd generation, thousands deployed

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