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Tech Spec

             AV Bridge MatrixMIX
             Multipurpose AV Switcher
             Optimized for Soft Conferencing Clients
             North America: 999-5660-000
             Europe and UK: 999-5660-001
             Australia and New Zealand: 999-5660-009


             n IP connectivity to cameras and controllers for virtualized control across the network
             n Intuitive, visually consistent interfaces – front panel, web interface, or connected TeleTouch Multiviewer
             n Separate outputs for program, preview, and multiview
             Versatile connectivity:
             n RS-232 ports for 6 cameras
             n HDMI inputs with embedded audio support - video from 6 cameras and 2 additional video sources
             n Audio: 2 microphone/line inputs and 2 line outputs
             n USB 3.0 port for uncompressed AV streaming, USB 2.0 ports for graphics and touch-panel control
             n Network connection for IP H.264 streaming and virtualized control from anywhere
             Professional results:
             n PIP functions; graphics functions including keys, bugs, and banners
             n Automatic echo cancellation and speech lift for crystal-clear audio
             n Simultaneous USB and IP streaming outputs

             Connector Panel

             Connections, left to right, by row:
             n External Control: RS-232 port for external control device; trigger inputs for up to 10 presenter-controlled devices
             n RS-232 Ports (Camera 1 - Camera 6): Camera control connections
             n Audio I/O: Connections for 2 microphones or other line inputs and 2 line outputs
             n 12 VDC 5.0 Amp: Power connection
             n Network: Control, IP streaming, graphics
             n USB 3.0: Uncompressed audio and video stream
             n USB 2.0 (2 ports): TeleTouch control and graphics files
             n HDMI Inputs: Video from connected cameras and other video sources
             n HDMI Outputs: Program, preview, and multiview; audio and HDCP support on program and preview

             What's Included

             n AV Bridge MatrixMIX multipurpose AV switcher
             n 12 VDC, 5 A power supply
             n AC power cord set(s)

            Document Number 411-0006-10 Rev 1 – March 2017
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