Fiber Group Inc (FGI) was founded and incorporated in October of 1992. Our business plan was written and chartered around the intentions of providing professional sales support and tech support to manufacturers of fiber optic, microwave and satellite equipment with the main customer target being commercial broadcast companies. Over the years our main corporate plan has expanded to include high-end audio & video systems as well as video and audio IP streaming equipment.

Here again is listed some of the product areas we represent in both the Carolinas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky:

Fiber Optic Transmission Hardware, Fiber Cable and Supplies, Microwave Systems, Satellite Systems, HD Broadcast Video Equipment which includes branding graphics, broadcast signal switching, HD/SD conversion products, LCD monitoring, IP streaming encoders and system test equipment for these.

In 2018 we opened a new sports video division ( Athletic Video Connection ) which provides the video products used in the sports market. Both in stadium and arena requirements for coaches video assist needs.

Fiber Group Inc. (FGI) is also recognized for providing added value service like installed custom robotic sky cam and studio camera packages for stations, broadcast station studios, city governments and law enforcement agencies.