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Audio Products

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MCU ProWith MCU Pro, you get deep, intuitive control of mix and plug in parameters, real-time visual feedback and setup is plug-and-play - without any MIDI mapping whatsoever! Streamline mixing in your project studio or scale up with multiple MCU XTs to mix major projects. With the push of a button, writing automation on dozens of tracks in a large music project or even mixing for film and television is now effortless.


The MXL CR89 is a large diaphragm condenser microphone wrapped in sharply contrasted black and chrome. The sound is every bit as bold as the body; the CR89 can handle subtle acoustic guitar tones and loud vocals with the same sonic integrity. The CR89 has low noise circuitry and a very low proximity effect, making it ideal for up-close recording. At home on instruments and vocals, the CR89's body design minimizes body resonance while the tuned grill cavity reduces standing waves and harmonic distortion.

RM-MP12A Audio Monitor Panel

Each RM-MP12 input may be individually calibrated for unbalanced consumer, balanced professional, 8 Ohm speaker line or constant voltage speaker lines. There is a variable intensity LED on the front panel to show audio presence for each input. If the RM-MP12 is set to the interlocking operating mode, front-panel pushbuttons select one of the twelve inputs to feed the calibrated meter, front-panel speaker (or external speaker if connected) and headphone jack. In the mixing mode, the buttons allow the use to mix multiple sources.

ADHB-4 Advanced Digital Headset Box
Ethernet Communication - Six (6) Audio Channels
One (1) Dual Channel 1/4” Headset Jack - One (1) Desk Mic Jack
One (1) Phone Jack - 12VDC Operation
LED Power and PTT Indicator - One (1) NENA I/O Jack with Offhook Detection
Separate Headset Volume Control Knobs for Select
One (1) XLR Connector to Accept any Low Impedance Microphone
Supports up to Three (3) pairs of speakers
Any standard amplified speaker

Commander G3 Studio Rack Mount

Tieline Commander G3 IP codecs are among the world's most successful and widely used codecs for remote broadcasts, studio-to-transmitter links and audio contribution. The new TLR300B Commander G3 is a 2RU studio codec with comprehensive front panel hardware controls.

POD11A is a half-rack AES audio loudness meter. Comprising a 41 segment stereo bar graph meter, POD11A displays both VU and Peak Program information simultaneously. A pair of "sticky" peak LEDs can be set to display peaks that exceed a preset limit. A seven-segment phase correlation meter and status LEDs indicating sample rate, lock to signal and error are included. POD11A can be ordered for 75 (BNC) or 110 Ohm (Phoenix) AES signals. Please specify impedance when ordering.

Wohler's newest audio monitor offers fast, intuitive operation for monitoring SDI audio in the most demanding production applications.  Whether in the studio or on the road, the AMP1-16M provides instantaneous selection and summing of any grouping of SDI audio pairs.