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Closed Captioning Products

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CB515: HD Caption Legalizer
•Eliminates HDTV captioning problems •Ensures a standards-compliant data stream •Data output is fully compatible with CEA-608 and CEA-708 decoders •Standardizes line number, packet style, and more •Bridges caption data across video sources and formats •GPI-triggered HDTV caption relocation •Standalone and high-density openGear configurations



The CBE-493 reads the caption data from the bridge input video and inserts that caption data into the encoder input video. The CEA-608 captions from the bridge input are transcoded (up converted) to CEA-708 captions and both 608 and 708 captions are “wrapped” into a packet called the Caption Data Packet (CDP). The CDP is then embedded into the encoder output. This unit has three selectableclosed captioning Encoder and Decoder bridge modes, it can encode captions from a Captioner (or teleprompter) then return to the selected bridge mode after the Captioner has disconnected. One output will be an encoded output and the other output can be either a decoded or an encoded output. The SDI inputs can be 3GB/HD/SD on either input and do not have to match formats. The unit will pass all other ANC data untouched including audio to the output. The CBE-493 outputs are re-clocked and performs better than most re-clocking Distribution Amplifiers (DA). It has RAM that is reserved for XDS packets, the packets will be inserted into CEA-608 field 2 based on XDS packet priority and field 2 availability.