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MGW ACE Compact HEVC (H.265) Hardware Encoder
MGW Ace is the world's first H.265 & H.264 hardware encoder in a professional-grade, low footprint, compact streaming appliance. With real-time 100% hardware HEVC compression, MGW Ace enables users to stream broadcast quality 1080p video with up to 50% bandwidth savings compared to today's H.264 standards.

Gearbox II High Density Multichannel H.264 Encoders For Broadcast And Streaming And IP TV

icandy 4kReal time Linux® based 4K Ultra HD 4:2:2 Live 4 input H.265/HEVC or H.264 HD-SDI encoder/streamer.  Features 6G SDI input and IP output.  Includes a lower resolution encoder that supports profiles for quick distribution to mobile devices.  Includes DVEO's patented DOZER™ technology for automated UDP packet recovery for IP transmission.  Versions with HDMI input and output are available.

BrightEye NXT 430 and NXT 415 Compact Video Routers
Introducing the BrightEye NXT 430 2.0 Clean Compact Router for clean, quiet switching and mixing of video and audio sources. The exclusive front panel LCD displays realtime full motion video of your router sources. Great for fly packs, ENG and anywhere you need a small router, this new BrightEye has incredible power in a small 1RU high by 1/3 RU wide footprint – about the size of a CD box set.

Fujitsu IP-920E Encoder
Best-in-class Video Fidelity MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) Video Encoder Compact, Light and Half Width of IP-9500 Upgrade from SDTV to HDTV *optional Ultra Low Latency Mode *optional NIT (Carrier ID) support for Satellite Video Transmission Robust Error Correction (FEC/ARQ) Multiple interfaces Archiving and File Transfer Ancillary Features
Enhanced IP-920 can stream video more smoothly by supporting NIT (Carrier ID) and Ultra low latency of approx. 99ms. These new features are especially useful for streaming among remote sites such as plural countries, broadcasters and global companies. These new features enable to stream video seamlessly and simultaneously and you would not have to feel the distances through the video from your site.

The Kramer KDS−EN3

KDS-EN3The Kramer KDS−EN3 is an H.264 encoder for HDMI signals up to 1080p60. The KDS−EN3 provides unicast (one−to−one) or multicast (one−to−many) streaming to the KDS−DEC3 decoder or computers running VLC© software. KDS−EN3 can also record content to a network drive for later access.


VS-104D-3GSDI is a cost effective decoder based on H.264 with 3GSDI, HDSDI,VS-104D3GSDI HDMI and CVBS Outputs. VS-104D-3GSDI is capable of decoding the RTSP stream generated by most IP cameras or encoders as well as Onvif compliant high end cameras from Axis, Bosch, Sony, Pelco and many more.VS-104D-3GSDI can decode and display A/V up to 1080p60 on a monitor. Also, users can control pan, tilt and zoom for an IP Camera that is connected to the VS-104D-3GSDI via Onvif using a keyboard controller like the VS-TKS-100.

m400-3 logo

M400-3 H.264 Encoder

Visionary Solutions’ M400-3 H.264 Encoder transforms live video sources into full-screen, full resolution, IP Video streams that can be multicast, unicast, or HTTP.  This encoder is suitable for HD or SD video distribution over IP networks. When you need to deploy many channels, the M400 Series provides a cost conscious way to deliver Visionary IP video. The M400-3 is a key component of Visionary Solutions’ modular, end-to-end PackeTV®IPTV ecosystem, which is the ideal solution for any organization looking to deliver and manage real-time and recorded video over virtually any network.

PESA XSTREAM C22 Encode/Decode System

PESA expands the PESA XSTREAM family of multi-channel HD IP streaming devices with the PESA XSTREAM C22. This compact streaming system may be configured as a two port encoder, a two port decoder, or with one port of each. The hardware design includes a variety of input and output options for stand alone applications or as part of larger hybrid broadcast systems

QVENC H.264/MPEG2 IP Video Encoder
QVidium’s QVENC encoder is part of a reliable, high-performance solution for the encoding and transport of SD and HD video/audio signals for broadcast applications. Advanced H.264 High Profile compression, coupled with QVidium’s patented ARQ Video Transport and Error correction, helps to maintain broadcast quality video distribution over nearly any IP network, including wireless networks and the Internet.

Multichannel Video/Audio Transcoder TXS 3600
The TXS 3600 is a Multichannel Video and Audio Transcoder which provides a powerful processing engine for linear broadcast transcoding. Supporting MPEG transport stream inputs and outputs, the product can be configured to transcode up to sixteen PIDs of MPEG2 or H.264 video in a 1RU form factor, along with up to four audio PIDs per video PID.

The TelVue HyperCaster Series


The TelVue HyperCaster Series is the hassle-free, low-cost way to launch a high quality professional looking 24×7 digital television channel within minutes of un-packing. We’ve engineered the TelVue HyperCaster with simplicity and reliability in mind through our use of Linux open source technology, plus our proprietary real time video and application software.



Thor part number H-MPEG2-H264-E2 is a multiformat multi-input 1 video 8 Audio hardware encoder for the broadcast industry. Build from the ground up for broadcasting applications, this platform adds many new features to the Thor encoder line. This system supports both EIA 608 and 708 closed captioning, providing compliance with FCC regulations. DVB-ASI input and output is provided and internal ASI program multiplexing allows the encoded content to be added into any standard multi program ASI transport stream. Furthermore, externally encoded content from the ASI input can also be multiplexed with the IP network video output. This allows creation of MPTS program streams to feed media servers. Another new feature included on this platform is a second Gigabit Ethernet TSoIP output for expanded functionality in IPTV systems. The second TS output is provided via a standard RJ-45 port for a total of 3 network interfaces. The third network port provides access to the Thor web server management system. Isolating management on a different network interface allows for more reliability in IPTV systems and simplifies the use of multicast protocols. Audio input can be provided as either digital AES or analog audio provided with the included DB9 breakout cables. Audio can also be input via embedded SDI or HDMI audio. Audio encoded is also offered in two formats, both AAC and MPEG1 can be selected for both MPEG-2 and H.264 video outputs. Unit support AC3 2.0 5.1 Audio passthrough embedded in to sdi.