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Fiber Optics Products

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Thor LogoH4ADHD

4 HDMI & Component HD to COAX, HD 720p/1080i/1080p Modulator
Broadcast over existing Coaxial Cabling to an unlimited number of Televisions with  FULL HD Broadcast Live HDMI & YPbPr Video as Cable TV & IPTV Channels.
Convert HDMI & Component YPbPr HD Video to HDTV Channels
Any 1-4 HDMI & YPbPr Inputs up to 720p/1080i/1080p
Licensed HDMI inputs - 4 HDMI Cables FREE
Support DD AC3 (2.0/5.1/7.1) passthrough(for HDMI interface only)
Support CC (Closed Caption) EIA608, (from CVBS input)
1-4 CATV RF Output up to 4 Adjacent channels
QAM-256/64, DVB-T, & ATSC formats available
Fully IP control and Network Management through browser

Fiberlink 3372

3350The Fiberlink 3372 Series allows you to transmit 3G, HD or SD-SDI as per SMPTE 424M-2006, 292 and 259 with the ability to transmit 10/100 Base-T Ethernet and two channels of RS-Type data over two multimode fibers. All data channels are available simultaneously and convenient switches on the 3370 Series transmitter allow the operator to configure each of the two pairs of data independently.


tactical fiber optics cableTactical Fiber Optic Cable

Unprecedented flexibility coupled with high crush resistance. Military-inspired MaxiBend™ Tactical Fiber provides the utmost durability for repeated deployment and retrieval in severe environments. Designed for re-deployable audio/video communications. Ideal for outdoor news, sporting, and other events. Designed to military standards. Available in 2 to 12 fiber count. Superior level of crush resistance. Rugged, UV Resistant Jacket.


VidOptic Camera-Back System

silver backThe new VidOptic Camera-Back 4K has been completely re-designed to provide a full complement of bi-directional signals for most any 4K camera on the market today. Starting with the case itself, every aspect of the new VidOptic Camera-Back has been refined to keep overall size and weight as small as possible without sacrificing performance or operability. Each unit is milled from a block of aluminum and the result is a fiber transciever that becomes a seemless part of your camera without angles and sharp corners. The display uses high-intensity blue LEDs that are easy for the operator to see, but not intrusive. But as beautiful as the exterior design is, the elegance is on the inside. Inside is all the signal transport you need for video acquisition without compromises. Do you prefer a color LCD viewfinder? The return HD/SD signal is there. Do you like to have a program earpiece for your stage manager? Do you need timecode for recording in the camera? How about extra data? It’s all in there!


Optiva Platform RF, Microwave & Multimedia Fiber Optic Transport System

emp 1

EMCORE’s Optiva platform includes a wide range of SNMP managed fiber optic transmitters, receivers, optical amplifiers, RF and optical switches and passive devices, video, audio, data and Ethernet products that provide high-performance fiber optic transmission from 1 MHz to 40 GHz. These units can be used to construct transparent inter- and intra-facility links for RF and microwave signal transport, antenna remoting, multimedia/video transport, electronic warfare systems and other high-dynamic-range applications. EMCORE’s complete line of subassemblies and systems remove distance limitations at cost and performance levels suited for headends, broadcast studio operations centers, satellite earth stations, military operations centers, and much more.

The SilverBULLET is an economical solution designed for transmission of SD, HD and 3G–SDI signals on single mode fiber. Perfect for today’s professional and broadcast applications. At just three inches in length, this cost–effective solution is ideal for a wide variety of pro A/V and broadcast applications, including video production and editing, ENG with additional uses for sports teleproduction, field production, remote camera links, cross oh–campus production, pre–fibered venues and courtesy feeds.

LC Duplex MM 127um 2mm White Boot

Xpress Fiber Connectors

OCC's Xpress Fiber Connectors are the new generation in field installable fiber terminations. These connectors eliminate the need for messy epoxies and expensive tools by offering a pre-polished solution that can be installed in minutes. Xpress Connectors have a pre-stubbxpress fiber connectionsed factory polished ferrule that joins to the fiber using a precise mechanical alignment and a special low-loss index matching gel. Each connector comes with a specially designed clip that holds the clamping devices open for the fiber to be inserted. Once the fiber is inserted, squeeze the clip to release the blades, remove clip and discard.


Ultra Wideband 2 kHz-4.2 GHz

ViaLite‘s Ultra Wideband link provides 2kHz-4.2GHz bandwidth, which is ideal for C-band downlink and S-band for Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C). The link is used to connect antennas to control rooms, network operation centers and broadcast headends.