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Frame Sync Products

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Universal SD/HD Frame Sync with High-quality 4K/UHD Up-conversion
The FS3 is AJA’s first FS product with a 4K/ UHD up-converter, and is the next evolution in video conversion and frame synchronization. Within its compact 1RU chassis, FS3 integrates an array of video and audio processing designed to solve tough signal conversion challenges.

Bright Eye 5BrightEye 5 Analog Composite TBC and Frame Sync

BrightEye 5 is a Time Base Corrector with analog composite inputs and outputs. 12 bit digital signal processing ensures the best signal handling and a solid output. BrightEye 5 will time base correct signals from analog sources such as consumer VCRs, cameras and noisy microwave receivers. The analog input is converted at 12 bits of resolution for digital processing. The signal is time base corrected and frame synchronized to the reference input and converted back to analog for output. BrightEye 5 auto detects the video standard of the input (PAL or NTSC). Basic controls are provided on the front panel. With BrightEye Mac or PC software, you can control video proc functions; Gain, Chroma, Pedestal, and Hue. The vertical interval can be passed or blanked.


The FA-9500 is a multipurpose signal processor loaded with the functions you need for video production. The unit supports 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and analog composite I/O. In addition to its functionality as a frame synchronizer, it also provides up/down/cross/aspect converter, color corrector, and automatic video optimizer (AVO) as standard features. It can convert many types of video and audio signals. Numerous additional functions include, as options, analog component I/O, logo generator, Dolby E encoder/decoder. By combining these varied options, a single unit can provide optimal functionality for all video production scenes, including that for transmission, line production, news reporting, production, editing and distribution. As long as you have an FA-9500, you won't need any other piece of peripheral video equipment.


PFS-875 Frame Sync

There are four video input and output formats supported by the PFS-875; Composite Video, Component Analog Video (YUV), Y/C (S-Video) and SDI. The component analog video input is YUV (SMPTE), and component output is YUV (SMPTE/Beta-cam). PFS-875The analog output is on three BNC connectors which can be programmed from the front panel to output all 3 composite, or composite and Y/C, YUV SMPTE, or YUV BETA. The PFS-875 provides dual standard composite and SDI correction and synchronization to an external analog reference. The synchronizer decodes multiple composite standards (NTSC, PAL). All analog inputs are sampled with 12-bit resolution and decoded using a 5 line adaptive comb filter. It also has a built-in color bar or black burst generator. The PFS-875 can also synchronize non TBC signals from VHS tapes. When input video is lost, the synchronizer freezes the video or generates a test pattern. There are three ways to freeze the video, freeze to the last known good frame, field 1, or field 2. The test patterns that can be generated are SMPTE color bar for NTSC, 75% color bar for PAL, and black burst for both.