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Central Integrated Receiver System, Six Way MaxRC COFDM Receiver
The Nucomm Central Integrated Radome System x6 (CIRAS-x6) is a ruggedized COFDM (DVB-T compliant) six-way diversity receiver integrated into a 6 segment antenna pod. It offers exceptional RF performance and IP56 environmental durability for external use. The CIRAS also features optional two channel 6 way diversity reception in the same package.  The Nucomm CIRAS system was designed to automatically optimize the receive signal at all times, and virtually eliminate all human intervention. In contrast to the old single, highly directional antenna, the CIRAS employs multiple antenna elements that are ar-ranged to cover 360°of azimuth in overlapping sectors. The key to Nucomm’s success is improving operation efficiency in signal acquisition. Nucomm focuses its approach on the integration and optimization of the antenna design, use of adaptive digital signal processing (ADSP) and maximal ratio combining (MRC) techniques.