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Router Products

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KUMO 6464

KUMO 6464 offers an incredible 64 inputs and 64 outputs of 3G-SDI video and embedded audio, while maintaining a slim and compact 4RU profile for any SDI-based signal up to 3G-SDI, including HD and even 4K/UltraHD signals. 

Kumo SDI Router

Avenue 9430 Modular Router

808RouterThe Avenue 9430 modular digital video router is the most flexible, technologically advanced small router available today. It’s ideal for QC monitoring, master control bypass switching,ENG trucks, edit suites, and a host of other applications. Ease of expansion, user-definable input/output port geometry, exclusive video thumbnails, built-in test signal generation, and optional clean and quiet switching on multiple outputs make it perfect for your next project or upgrade. The flexible matrix design allows you to configure the router to the perfect size for your facility. The basic size is 8×2. You can add user-configurable input or output ports all the way up to 28×2 (or 8×22) and any size in between. The design is future-proof, allowing the router to be easily reconfigured to a different matrix size at any time.




MFR-3000Routing switcher that builds on the solid performance of our larger MFR-5000/8000 units through redundancy and easy maintenance. Can be expanded by 8 inputs or outputs at a time, up to 64x64. In mixed environments, audio modules can also be added.* Designed for mission critical broadcast facilities, additional environments include hospital surgical rooms, corporate meeting rooms, and research centers. An optimal solution in midsize systems where variable input/output capabilities and mixed signal formats are used.

Cheetah Series Routing Switchers for SD/HD/3G-SDI/4K
PESA’s Cheetah line of routing switchers combines the latest in robust technology with the flexibility required to future proof your investment in large-scale, multi-format, and expandable routing needs. PESA continues to lead in signal routing with the Cheetah’s ability to offer the widest range of frames and card configurations. Designed to support high-quality routing 24/7, Cheetah routing switchers are well suited for government, military, broadcast, mobile, telco, and corporate applications where large numbers of signals need to be switched. Cheetah provides high-quality signal routing with matrix sizes 64X64 up to 1024X1024.


The RFM is a DOCSIS 3.1 compliant routing switch that transparently passes RF signals with a frequency range of 5 to 1800 MHz. Quintech’s proprietary design provides lossless switching while minimizing noise figure through the switch, allowing high CNR and distortion free Modulation Error Rate (MER). It’s compact design fits 16x1 in a 1RU chassis and the switches can be cascaded to expand to 256x1. The RFM is used for centralized test and measurement applications monitoring large numbers of RF signals.

Quintech RFM Router

NK-3G-RCP Series

Ross Video’s NK Series Routing Systems are a comprehensive family of routing solutions. NK Series offers a wide variety of matrix sizes and types, flexible control panels and a powerful control system to tie everything together. Whether it’s a small utility router or a large mission critical facility system, NK Series offers a solution to fit your budget and needs. NK Series Routers are available in sizes ranging from 16x4 to 144x144. Any matrix type can be built into a system with any combination of other NK matrices - all united under one control system.

NK-3G-RCP Series