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Test Equipment Products

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Handheld Broadband Noise Generator

noise geneThe NS-1 is a handheld broadband noise generator. It generates a wide, flat, RF noise-signal. The NS-1 is popular for testing network components and aligning a building’s coaxial cable network. The NS-1’s signal is injected into the network at point A. Using a signal receiver, such as a signal level meter (like Applied Instruments' AI Turbo S2) or spectrum analyzer, the NS-1’s signal is received at point B. The frequency response of the network, between points A and B, is obtained. This measurement allows the user to verify the integrity of cabling and its associated connections at all frequencies between 5 and 2150 MHz.


Compact Spectrum Analyzer

bullets5compact spectrum


PHABRIX SxE Eye & Jitter
The PHABRIX SxE represents the most comprehensive hand held instrument available in the world today. The PHABRIX SxE has the full functions of the PHABRIX SxA plus physical layer analysis. Displaying eye and jitter diagrams with optional filter selection for timing and alignment measurements on its large 4.3 inch best of class 16:9 colour TFT screen, it is unique in offering laboratory level testing. Cursors and histogram functions allow detailed measurements to be made. The ability of the SxE to produce eye patterns from a 3G signal is particularly significant for those users requiring a solution to testing high end products in the 3G arena. Jitter too is one of the most important issues in the design and operation of high-speed serial links and the SxE jitter tools can be applied from SD-SDI, HD-SDI to 3G-SDI.

SCTE35 ESAM Test Stream Suite

Test Stream ProductSencore has created a suite of MPEG transport streams for end to end testing of equipment and systems for SCTE35 compatibility. These streams enable engineers and product designers to validate that equipment and systems are fully compliant with traditional SCTE35 splice_insert messages and also the latest SCTE35-2013 extensions.