FGI adds FLIR as a new Product Line

Fiber Group Inc is excited to announce our latest partnership and product line – FLIR Systems, Inc. FLIR designs and manufactures cameras with unique capabilities such as thermal imaging, visible-light imaging (nightvision), video analytics, and advanced threat detection. FLIR has an extensive line of products that would be ideal for industrial applications or law enforcement.

FLIR’s industrial lineup includes handheld thermal cameras, gas detection cameras, test & measurement cameras, and machine vision cameras.

Law enforcement and fire departments will be interested in offerings such as their threat detection cameras, which can detect gases, radiation, explosive traces, and biological agents. FLIR has also created solutions for traffic monitoring and firefighting, along with their standard night vision offering.

FLIR’s tagline is “The World’s Sixth Sense” – so if you have a specific use-case and need a sixth sense let us know and we will find a solution within their extensive product offering.