FGI now supporting Sports Stadiums with Athletic Video Connection

Recognizing the need for modern sports stadiums and arenas to provide fans with a stellar game-day experience through audio-visual enhancements, Fiber Group Inc (FGI) has formed a subsidiary company to specifically address the needs of football stadiums, basketball arenas, and other sports complexes. Athletic Video Connection (AVC) will bring to bear all of the expertise that FGI has gained over the years in implementing professional A/V solutions for Broadcast TV, but custom engineered to accommodate the unique conditions and needs of different sporting venues.

AVC is able to provide solutions such as:

  • digital signage for informational and safety purposes
  • audio and video equipment
  • fiber or wireless infrastructure
  • digital streaming services to reach remote fans
  • digital replay systems for fan entertainment
  • camera control systems

In addition to the stadium solutions that AVC can provide to make for a spectacular game day for fans, AVC also has solutions to help coaches get more out of practice time. AVC can provide custom built end-zone cameras for enhanced visibility, as well as telestrators for either coaching or game day.

Contact us at 800-201-1326 to get more information on the products and services that AVC can provide your sports program.