Ward-Beck Systems AMS16

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The AMS16 is an embedded audio monitor. Using the front panel input source selection switches, the operator can select from two inputs of HD or SD-SDI with embedded audio. When the source selection is made, the unit will provide two reclocked outputs on the rear panel and display the audio signals on the sixteen bargraph meters. In addition, the unit will also provide discrete audio outputs of the selected source on the rear panel. Pushbutton switches located below each meter pair can be pressed to route that signal to the internal speakers and also provide two outputs of this signal on the rear panel. There is a headset jack located on the front panel. Inserting a headset will automatically mute the speakers. The AMS16 has a built in power supply and occupies 2 RU of space. Optionally the user may add a Dolby E/AC3 decoder.


38.5 Watt

Analog Audio Output
Frequency Response1.5 dBU change from 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance60 Ohm Balanced
Maximum Output at 0dBFS & 1kHz in23.5 dBu
NoiseLess than -70 dBU
THDless than 0.05%
Connector TypeDB25 Male
AES/EBU Outputs
Impedance75 Ohm Unbalanced
Level2.5V p-p terminated
Max Outputo dBFS
Noise Lessthan -100 dBFS
THDLess than 0.001%
Connector TypeBNC Female
Headset Jack
TypeTip Ring Sleeve
Metadata Output
Connector TypeDB9 Male
AC Supply90 – 230 VAC, 50-60 HzAverage Consumption
Max Consumption110 Watt
SDI Input/Output
Format SD-SDI525-270, 625-270
Format HD-SDI 1280x 72060, 59.94 Hz
Format HD-SDI 1920 x 108060, 59.94, 50, 29.97, 24, 23.98 Hz
Impedance75 Ohm
Level0.8 V p-p
Standard SDSD-SDI as per SMPTE-259M
Standard HDHD-SDI as per SMPTE-292M
Connector TypeBNC Female
Input Number2
Output Number2 Reclocked
Dimensions Imperial(W x D x H) 17 7/16″ x 12 5/8″ x 3 1/2″
Dimensions Metric(W x D x H) 443mm x 321mm x 89mm
Rack Size2 RU
Weight Imperial10.36 lbs
Weight Metric4.7 Kg