CTV-2000 CATV Fiber Optic Receiver

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Increase Signal Capacity Without Installing More Fiber-Optic Cables.

The MultiDyne FiberSaver is an innovative solution for combining as many as 18 HD-SDI feeds, or optical signals of any wavelength onto one single-mode fiber. Mobile trucks, OB vans and facility managers can now offer expanded video and audio capacity when hosting major events without having to deal with additional fiber cabling and the associated costs. The MultiDyne FiberSaver transport accepts SDI video signals ranging from 270Mbs up to 3Gbs and converts them into optical signals. These signals can then be combined with other optical signals of any wavelength and then transported over one fiber.

The MultiDyne FiberSaver has the capacity to handle any combination up to 18 existing transmitter/receiver or new copper HD-SDI feeds that are then combined and sent over just one single-mode fiber. Consider the system expansion capability offered by the MultiDyne FiberSaver; an 18-strand fiber cable could now provide enough capacity for 17 new feeds in addition to the signals handled by the MultiDyne FiberSaver that uses only one strand from the 18-strand cable.

The MultiDyne FiberSaver cards have been designed for the OpenGear frame, expanding MultiDyne’s OpenGear product offerings. This is an ideal method to expand system capacity over one fiber, using only 2RU of rack space. The SNMP Dashboard monitoring system provides for both local and remote monitoring of the transport.

  • Multiplex any wavelength
  • Mux up to 18 optical signals of any wavelength onto one fiber
  • Up to 4.25 Gbps conversion and multiplexing
  • Redundant power
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Mux up to 36 optical signals in one open Gear frame over just two fibers


45 to 862MHz CATV Forward Path Fiber Optic Transmitter.

  • Low noise high linearity Ortel/Emcore cooled DFB laser
  • GaAs Technology up to 1000MHz (typical 862MHz)
  • RF power digital automatic process Technology control the laser driving RF power level automatically, according to RF signal level and channels, ensuring the best C/N, CTB and CSO
  • Excellent pre-distortion Technology improves CTB, CSO and C/N
  • Built-in microprocessor accurately monitor laser output power and temperature
  • Front panel VFD displays the status parameters and function message


FTTH CATV Fiber Optic Receiver.

  • High Linearity Photodiode
  • 1000MHz Bandwidth
  • Low noise GaAs Amplifier
  • Compact Housing
  • 5V DC External Power Supply