EEG iCap Falcon: Live Streaming RTMP Caption Encoder

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Connect your live stream to thousands of captioners over the iCap network with the cloud-hosted Falcon service. With Falcon, a professional human captioner or EEG’s Lexi Automatic Captioning service uses your program audio reference to generate and return closed captions into your stream path in real-time. A fully virtual web service, Falcon takes the place of a traditional hardware encoder for direct-to-web live streaming workflows.

Falcon can add live captioning into any streaming encoder and video platform combination that communicate using an RTMP or RTMPS uplink, and work with a player that can display embedded closed captions.

Falcon Live Streaming RTMP Caption Encoder from EEG on Vimeo.

HTTP, RTMP, and H264 Technology Models

Falcon can merge live closed captions with your video stream in three ways:

  • Most Popular: Embedding of Closed Captions into an RTMP packaged H264 or HEVC video stream – works with Facebook Live, YouTube Live Events, Wowza Streaming Engine, Twitch, LiveStream, VBrick, IBM Watson Media, and most other live streaming video products
  • Embedding of text Closed Captions into RTMP onTextData or onCaptionInfo messages – useful for alternative video codecs and legacy workflows
  • Direct HTTP uplink to the streaming platform, separately from the video uplink – works with services including YouTube Live Events and VideoLinq, and useful for custom web display integrations

The Affordable Way to Caption Streams

Accessed via EEG Cloud Services with a subscription pricing model – Falcon is the ideal captioning solution for live streaming producers.

Quick and Easy On-Demand Setup

Self-configure your Falcon account or contact EEG Support with details of your streaming platform, destination, and desired caption transcription agency. You will receive a private link to uplink your stream through Falcon will then forward your stream, with live captions added, to its final destination URL.

The forwarding process does not re-encode your video, is completely private (with RTMPS option enabled), and adds only 1 second of latency with typical stream settings.

Seamless for Caption Agencies

Captioners connect to Falcon through the same methods used to caption television programs and live events all over the world, with a secure and personalized iCap Access Code for each client channel. Once Falcon’s Access Code is entered into their software they are instantly connected to your stream.