FOR.A ELETEX Video/Audio Delay Unit EDA-1000/2000

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3G/HD/SD-SDI 4-input audio/video delay unit that also supports 4K.

Choose from the compact EDA-1000 (1U half-size) or the EDA-2000 (1U), with a redundant power supply. Audio, video and VANC delay can be set separately.

Delay of up to 80 sec. available (optional)

Using an HD-SDI input, set a delay of up to 40 sec. Add an EDA-20EX option for delay up to 80 sec. Set separate delays for each of the four inputs, as needed. For VANC data delay, minimum delay can be set per line for specific VANC within each input channel.
Note: Available delay when four inputs are used is divided equally among channels (¼ the delay available for one channel).

Multi-format support

The units are 3G/HD/SD-SDI compatible. Delay both audio and video, or delay signals separately. They also supports 4K (quad link 3G-SDI) input.


Distribution is possible for up to four outputs when one channel of input is used. The unit is a compact 1U half-size model with a single power supply.


Provides distribution of up to eight outputs when one channel of input is used. The EDA-2000 is a 1U model with redundant power supply.


  • Use SNMP for trap output or to check or configure settings
  • Remote control via Telnet with dedicated remote unit, the EDA-20RU
  • Genlock using external reference signals is enabled*
    *Frame synchronization is not supported.