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All-in-one production center and FOR-A’s new IP workhorse –

MFR-3100EX can serve as a routing switcher, video switcher, multi-viewer, and downstream keyer in a single 4 RU enclosure. Other features include: PTZ camera control, NDI®/NDI®|HX I/O, and RTMP/SRT video streaming. This highly versatile unit is also an ideal choice for compact system building.

Video switcher function
Video switcher function (MFR-31VP)
Add an MFR-31VP card to expand the unit with 1 M/E and 20 inputs/13 outputs video switcher function. Take advantage of NDI®/NDI®|HX I/O and 4 keyers for P-in-P or downstream keying. Frame synchronization, 12G-SDI, audio muxing/demuxing, and other expansion are supported with other options.

Video streaming
Video streaming function (MFR-31VP)
Provides RTMP and SRT support. Upload video directly to YouTube, Facebook, or other streaming services. YouTube streaming can be checked by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

SSD storage function (MFR-31VP)
SSD can be installed. It enables recording/playing video and audio. Material supplied via SDI or over the network can be encoded and saved as files. Saved files can be decoded for output via SDI or over the network.

Multi viewer function
Multi viewer function is a standard feature of the built-in web server, which provides a web-based control interface. Add MFR-16MV cards for more sophisticated viewer capabilities such as dual output and clock display.

Browser-based multi viewer
Check source material easily through the built-in web server, saving outputs for other sources. For input channels (1–64) and video switcher function output, up to 64 windows can be displayed per screen.

Other features
Improved usability
GUI-based configuration
A built-in webserver enables immediate setup without installing software on external devices. With a dedicated GUI, settings can also be configured in an offline environment.

Ethernet port connects MFR series options. Enables the connection of up to 128 units, including the main unit.
– MFR-RU Series: Remote Control Unit
– MFR-TALM: Tally Manager Unit
– MFR-GPI: Interface Expansion Unit