Link Electronics introduces the LEI-592P IP caption data and audio processor, the first standalone device to allow for true Internet Protocol (IP) audio and IP captioning. This new technology allows any serial captioning encoder to become an IP captioning encoder. This allows removal of the traditional 2 phone line set-up without having to purchase a new internet capable encoder or engaging with a captioning service, all of which eliminates the expense and provides simpler operation. The LEI-592P connects to the encoder via serial RS232, while the analog program audio is connected to it with a stereo mini jack. Audio is sent out over the unit’s Ethernet port and caption data is received into the unit’s Ethernet port. The LEI-592P is the first standalone device to allow true IP captioning, making it ideal for broadcast studios, remote broadcasting applications, educational captioning of lectures, presentations and other materials, religious broadcasting, governmental captioning needs, and more.

The LEI-592P has user selectable baud rates of 1200, 2400, and 9600, and either 8-N-1 or 7-O-1 type serial data, a standard 3.5 stereo headphone jack with volume control, and an Ethernet port for a broadband connection. The audio is sampled at 16 KHz allowing for audio that is better quality than Voice over Internet (VoIP) to be received by the captioner via TCP/UDP. Latency of the audio is less than 200ms plus the latency of the internet, the latency can also be adjusted thru the audio player. The serial and audio data is sent through two serial tunnels connecting to the captioner. IP address, port numbers, encryption and password security can be setup via a built in web page using a web browser.

The LEI-592P has a data LED to indicate receiving or sending data thru the Ethernet. It also has a LED for audio to indicate audio presence and audio clipping (input audio to high). The audio is received at the captioner’s computer using a free LEI-592P Player available on our web site. The captioner will enter the IP address and port number of the LEI-592P into the player software and connect to the LEI-592P. The audio output device can be selected by the captioner thru the player software, along with audio volume control. The player can be minimized and can run in the background.


  • Audio and Data transmission
  • Caption over the Internet
  • Audio over the Internet
  • Eliminates Phone Lines
  • Serial input
  • Multiple baud rates
  • Data Send/Receive Detection
  • Volume Control
  • Works with most Closed Caption Encoders
  • Audio Presence/Clipping Detection