The SCE-492 is a three gigabits level B, high definition, or standard definition serial digital interface closed caption encoder or shortened to 3GB/HD/SD-SDI CC Encoder. It will accept 3GB/HD/SD-SDI transport streams and give three closed caption encoded outputs of the same format as the input with the option of one of them being decoded. The SDI outputs are re-clocked making the SDI output eye pattern generally better than the input. It is a better re-clocker than most re-clocking Distribution Amplifiers (DA). The unit will pass ANC data untouched including audio to the output.

The SCE-492 will encode line 21/22 CEA-608 waveform and/or encodes SMPTE 334 Caption Data Packet (CDP) for SD. The Caption Data Packet will contain a header, CEA-608 data, CEA-708 data, caption service descriptor, and a footer. For HD and 3G level B it will encode the caption data packet. It has RAM that is reserved for XDS packets, the packets will be inserted into CEA-608 field 2 based on XDS packet priority and field 2 availability. The unit also has XDS menus for Parental Guidelines (V-Chip) and Transmission Station Identification (TSID) packets. The RAM can be filled using V-Chip software.

The SCE-492 has 4 possible ports for captioning, 2 serial RS-232 ports both with adjustable baud rates, and 2 Ports that are tunneled to the Ethernet connector allowing two IP caption connections at one address. A menu allows you to select resend or redirect data from the Ethernet port to the serial ports. It has a GPI remote activated Legalizer also called Weather Lift. With a menu that allows you to select the number of lines to be lifted. You can raise the lower 4 lines up 2, 3, or 4 lines or raise all lines to the top 4 lines. Recently the FCC has mandated that captions are not to be displayed over things like people’s names, school closings, and so on. This has become a major issue with broadcasters. It also has a decoded output and caption data recovery for quality monitoring.


  • SD/HD/3G SDI
  • XDS RAM (V-Ch)
  • Re-clocked Output
  • GPI Remote “Legalizer”
  • 2 CEA-708 Services Converted from 608
  • Field Upgradeable
  • VANC Line Selection
  • Decodes CC1-CC4 or S1-S6
  • Caption Data Recovery
  • Optional Dual Supplies
  • IP Captioning
  • Power off Bypass
  • 4 Port Communications 2 Serial IP
  • IP to Serial Rerouting