Link SD/HD-SDI Open Caption Generator and Closed Caption Decoder

The LEI-590 accepts standard 608 caption data or text data via an IP interface. It then embeds the caption data onto a SD/HD SDI video stream and outputs the video with open captions. The LEI-590 would be useful for live events such as sporting events or live video conferencing. The LEI-590 is a more cost effective solution than a closed caption encoder/decoder when only open captions are needed.

The LEI-590 can also be used as a HD/SD SDI Closed Caption Decoder. The LEI-590 will decode the input SDI video with embedded closed captions from either VBI (line21/22) or VANC (SMPTE 334 Caption Data Packet {CDP}). The captions will then be “burnt” into the outgoing HD/SD-SDI stream and now appear as “Open” captions during active video. The data from the decoded captions can be sent out the Ethernet port for “data recovery”. This data can be used for monitoring, to make a caption file, or to encode another stream. The unit will pass all ANC data untouched. The VBI and 708 VANC closed captions can be deleted from the output video. The caption deletion feature can be used to remove unwanted captions from the SDI video and also prevent the captions from being double decoded.

Product Features

  • Generates Open Captions via an IP Interface
  • Decodes CC1-4 or S1-6
  • Caption Data Recovery via an IP Interface
  • 4 Data recovery Modes
  • GPI remote Decoder on/off
  • Changeable Open Caption Attributes
  • Relocates Open Caption on Screen
  • 4 Generator Modes
  • Caption Deletion
  • V-Chip Icon Insertion
  • IP Address Display
  • Field Upgrade-able
  • Power off Bypass
  • VBI or VANC for SD