LT4448 – Auto Changeover

Perfect match for the LT4610, the LT4448 provides redundancy for key signals in critical sections of the operation.
With its 1RU x 1RU size, this changeover saves space and costs and it’s easy to implement.

LT4448 – Auto Changeover

The LT4448 is a changeover unit that automatically switches from the primary signal to the backup signal when problems are detected in the primary signal.
A single LT4448 provides 11 channels. These channels can receive LTC, SDI, NTSC/PAL black burst, HD tri-level sync, AES/EBU digital audio, and word-clock signals. SDI signals are switched with relays. All other signals are switched with electronic switches.
Redundant power supplies are included. Alarms are generated when errors occur.
The LT4448 can be used in combination with the LT4610 TEST / SYNC GENERATOR.



  • Input / Output
    Provides 11 channels (a single channel consists of a primary input, a backup input, and an output).
  • Input Signal Switching
    Relays are used to switch channels 1 to 2.Electronic switches are used to switch channels 3 to 11.
    In addition to the electronic switches, channels 4 to 11 are also equipped with high-speed, error detection circuits.
    Provides 3 channels for LTC.
  • Input Signal Selection
    Channel 1 and 2 inputs are dedicated inputs for SDI (3G/HD/SD), NTSC/PAL Black burst and Tri-Level Sync signals.
    Channel 3 to 8 inputs are dedicated inputs for NTSC/PAL Black burst and Tri-Level Sync signals.
    Channel 9 and 10 inputs are dedicated inputs for AES/EBU digital audio signals.
    Channel 11 input is a dedicated input for word-clock signals (TTL).
    For LTC signals, dedicated LTC inputs / outputs (2Vp-p,differencial input) are provided.
  • LTC Channels
    There are 3 LTC channels. Each has 2 inputs (primary and backup) and 1 output.
    In addition, they can be connected to the LT4610 TEST / SYNC GENERATOR with a dedicated cable (optional).
    LTC Cable : LC2183
  • Faulty Detection
    When an input signal level error is detected, the panel fault LED on the LT4448 illuminates as well as the panel LED that indicates the channel which is causing the problem.
    This feature allows for quick notification of the problem.
    Channels 3 to 11 are equipped with high-speed fault detection circuits.
    When interruptions occur in the primary signal, these enable the LT4448 to switch to a backup signal with barely any noticeable disturbances showing on a monitor.
  • Power Supply Start Time
    A delay for starting the fault detection at power up can be set to approximately 1 minute or approximately 4 minutes, depending on the rise time of the system signal source that the LT4448 is connected to.
  • SNMP Ready
    Error monitoring over an Ethernet network is possible.
    Traps are issued for error detection, panel control, and remote control.
    In addition, the error details and DIP switch settings (except for the user defined fault detection level) can be read as status information.
    IP address configuration software is included.
    The software is compatible with Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit) , Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Redundant Power Supply
    The redundant power supply provides extra reliability.
    Alarms are generated if a power supply failure occurs.
  • Web Browser
    Can be controlled by a web browser