Magnum 4K Series Ethernet Switches

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Magnum Model 4K8, 4K16, and 4K24 Rack-mount Switches boost the performance of large Ethernet LANs, with the flexibility of both twisted-pair and fiber switched ports. Fiber ports may number zero, one or two, and a variety of user-selected fiber connector types may be configured. The Magnum 4K-Series provide the switching speed and the reliability to smoothly support multiple workgroups, each with its own switched 100Mb or 10Mb domain, for increased network performance and with “future-proof” fiber ports optionally built in.Models are available with eight, 16, or 24 switches Ethernet ports.

  • Port Flexibility – 8, 16, or 24 switched ports, of which up to two may be 100Mb fiber
  • High Performance – Non-blocking operation, plug-and-play installation for switching services, transparent to system software
  • Plug & Play – All ports are switching and support full- and half-duplex; auto-negotiation on TP ports
  • 19″ Rackmount – Has a compact 1U package for installation in rack cabinets, with metal case and auto-ranging internal power supply
  • Power Flexibility – Available options include-48VDC, 24VDC, and 125VDC power, dual-source, NEBS and ETSI certification, “Reverse” rack-mount, ETSI and 23″ Telco brackets, Class B EMI, and extended temperature range operation