NTI MR-PRO Enhanced Analog Audio Signal Generator

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The NTI MR-PRO is an extremely powerful analog audio generator to satisfy every need for the professional engineer. Proprietary user wave forms may be loaded via USB into the internal flash memory.

Innovative and unique technology includes continuous monitoring of the impedance of the connected load, the signal balance and the phantom power. Plus the integrated cable testing promotes MR-PRO to the level of a cable analyzer, simplifying trouble shooting tasks. MR-PRO includes all functions of the Minirator MR2.

Generator Functions:

  • Sine Waveforms, freely selectable frequencies, up to +18 dBu
  • Sweep Signals, any frequency interval up to 1/12 octave
  • White Noise, Pink Noise
  • Polarity Test Signal
  • Delay Test Signal

Measurement Functions:

  • Balance
  • Load Impedance
  • Phantom Power Voltage

Cable Test – The built-in cable tester verifies the proper 1:1 pin connection through any cable connected between the XLR output and the built-in XLR input. Alternatively an optional Cable Test Plug may be used for single ended installations.

Store Preset Configurations – Up to 10 complete instrument configurations can be stored in the internal flash memory and reloaded for repetitive tasks. The saved settings may also be transferred to other MR-PRO instruments.

True Level Output Stage – The compensated output stage of MR-PRO precisely stabilizes to the specified output level over a wide range of varying loads. Possible deviations at reaching the output current limit are clearly indicated.

Sine Output – MR-PRO generates extremely pure sinusoidal waveforms with:

  • Freely selectable frequencies from 10 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Level range from -80 to +18 dBu

Sweep – The start frequency, stop frequency and a step resolution as fine as 1/12th of an octave can be adjusted. Analyzers like the Minilyzer automatically trigger to this signal and record the frequency response of a device under test.

Chirp – The chirp signal is a sine-wave with defined start- & stop frequency and continious frequency increase over time. It is used in the recording of frequency responses, the measurement of impulse responses and the acoustic assessment of rooms.

Delay Test Signal – This is the designated reference signal to measure the acoustics progagation delay time from speaker to speaker in e.g. churches or auditoriums. Testing is carried out in combination with the Acoustilyzer AL1.

Pink & White Noise – Pink or White Noise is synthesized with high spectral density, normal amplitude distribution and with infinite cycle duration. An automated on-off cycle mode for convenient RT60 measurements with the Acoustilyzer AL1 is included.

Polarity – The saw-tooth waveform of the polaritytest signal is an ideal stimulus with only moderate stress to speakers. Minilyzer ML1 and Acoustilyzer AL1 take advantage of this and correctly analyzes the polarity of the incoming signal.

Wave File – A number of user test signals may be stored as uncompressed WAV-files in the MR2-PRO memory. The selected file is seamlessly looped. Data exchange is simplified via the USB port.