Point-HD Broadcast Telestrator

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Point-HD Broadcast Telestrator

Point-HD Broadcast Telestrator is ideal for Sports, News, Weather
and General Entertainment shows, Talent / Presenters will love
the ease of use and Producers will like the ability to maintain channel branding by allowing use of custom graphics.

Within a single solution you have the ability to work in any common broadcast video
formats – PAL, NTSC, 720P, 1080i. Point-HD can be interfaced to any touch screen
from desk mounted monitors through to large screen in shot displays.

User Definable Touch Screen Interfaces

Point-HD User definable Touch Screen Interfaces – Basic
Point-HD User definable Touch Screen Interfaces - Basic

Point-HD User definable Touch Screen Interfaces – Extended
Point-HD User definable Touch Screen Interfaces - Extended

With Point-HD trainer the talent does not need to learn any complex interface,
in fact with Point-HD every talent / presenter can choose their own preferred touch screen tools and interface layout.

Extensive, Customisable Tools

Point-HD Extensive, Customisable Tools – Finance
Point-HD Extensive, Customisable Tools - Finance

Point-HD Extensive, Customisable Tools – Sport
Point-HD Extensive, Customisable Tools - Sport

Point-HD Telestrator comes with an extensive set of tools that include stretchy arrows, curves, angled lines,
freehand draw, spotlights, splitlines, zooms, circles/ovals and many more.

All of the tools within Point-HD can be customised to
produce an on-screen look and feel that is unique to the broadcaster.

VTR Control

Give your Talent / Presenter the ability to control video clip playback directly from the touch screen,
Point-HD can interface with most Broadcast VTR/DDR’s that use the RS422 (Sony Protocol) control.

Multiple Touch screen support

With Point-HD you can interface multiple touch screens depending upon your requirement,
for example you can have a desk mounted touch screen as well as a large in-shot touch screen,
allowing talent to work from any position within the studio.

Producer / TD Control

Point-HD can easily be configured to provide a control point
within the control room for producer / TD controls.

Simple Outside Broadcast Setup

With Point-HD providing talent with a Telestrator solution out in the
stadium for an outside broadcast event is quick and simple.

Two video tie lines are all that is required, locate the Point-HD Telestrator
at the Talent position and run two video Tie lines, one for SDI input and the
other for SDI output from the Point-HD. Using the onboard keyer allows Telestrator
graphics to be self keyed over the video input and sent back to the vision switchers input,
Point-HD can be Genlocked to the Input video SDI, therefore no more time consuming genlock
timing actions are required.

Based on Industry Standard Broadcast Computing Hardware

Point-HD system comprises of a HPZ800/600 workstation, Point-HD Video I/O with onboard keyer,
Point-HD Broadcast software and license key and Touch screen(s).
The HP computing hardware specification conforms with most other broadcast graphics
systems found in TV studios today, this helps the broadcaster to lower maintenance costs through
use of common IT hardware.