Shogun Studio 4K/HD Monitor/Recorder

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Harnessing the latest 4K/HD recorder, monitor and playback technologies the Shogun Studio enhances existing HD workflows and provides an affordable rack mount solution for creating 4K Masters.


Record. Play. Monitor. Edit

Dual 7″ SuperAtom IPS Calibrated monitors

Compact 3ru rack mount design

4K/HD SDI & HDMI inputs and ouputs with conversation

Stereo XLR in/out per channel with 48V phantom power


Recording features

Continuous recording

Automatically switches channels when the disk is full without any down time in recording

Multi Codec

Flexible dual codec recording to capture a high bit rate master/lower bit rate proxy or ProRes/DNxHR versions of the same footage

Multi Resolution

Multi resolution option for capturing a 4K Master/HD deliverable or even dailies with burnt in LUTs


Control features

Touchscreen with transport controls

Operate each channel via the independent touch screens to adjust record, monitor, playback and edit functions.

LTC / Genlock

LTC input for multi cam scenarios during recording and Genlock available for play back

RS422 / AMP over ethernet

Independent RS422 machine control inputs for each channel and ethernet connection for control via AMP protocol


Exposure & Focus peaking

Wave Form Monitoring on both channels using Luma Parade, RGB parade & Vector Scope with Vector Zoom

Focus peaking in 3 modes along with 1:1 and 2:1 zoom to punch in for critical focus