SOAR-A IP transport appliance solutions by FOR-A are designed to provide ultra low latency under a highly secure platform, making them suitable for various applications including IP ENC/DEC and REMI. These solutions are characterized by their flexible, expandable, and upgradable architecture, which allows them to be easily adapted to meet the changing needs of their users. In particular, these solutions are well-suited for use in REMI applications, where low latency and high security are of the utmost importance. IP transport appliance solutions offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for use in a variety of settings.

The EDGE Server features 4ch to up to 16ch/1RU server/Redundant power supply

Connecting a remote camera location to your broadcast studio using a SOAR-A allows you transmit SDI/NDI/IP video channels configured as either Encode or Decode. Each RIST Tunnel can carry up to ten streams of multiplexed media and send to up to ten peers.

Adding VPN function allows additional network ports for control and intercom signals. This enables a simple network architecture that passes all traffic through a single set up UDP ports.