Stand-Alone OTT Streaming Media Encoder MD9200-ENC


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OTT streaming media encoder for broadcast.

Ideally designed for broadcast and professional encoding, MultiDyne’s first-rate MD9200-ENC provides safe OTT streaming over both public and private networks. The MD9200-ENC’s signal generator includes SMPTE RP219 color bars with moving box plus an expansive 8 channels of audio tones. Adding to the MD9200-ENC’s return on investment, it boasts global OSD bug branding, PNG slate overlays, a flat field raster, and the capacity to pass or mute embedded audio.

  • Stand-Alone Form Factor
  • Optional SRT or Zixi Support
  • Network Protocol Translation
  • Dual GigE Interfaces
  • HTML 5.0 Web-UI
  • SNMP Management