SuperDroid GPK-32 4-Wheel Drive (4WD) Zoom Inspection Robot

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Agile and robot wheeled inspection robot ideal for home inspectors, insurance adjustors, and pest control technicians to quickly and easily see under houses, in crawlspaces, and other hard-to-reach locations with ease. This inspection robot has a 10x zoom camera and records HD images and video.

Built for the Real World, Built to Last

This compact, durable 4-wheel drive (4WD) inspection robot goes where you can’t or don’t want to go including under homes (crawlspaces), elevated structures like porches, and under manufacturing equipment. Skip crawling on the ground with a flashlight and use our GPK-32 inspection robots to see structural damage, pest problems, water leaks, and much more.

The GPK-32 4WD Zoom is maneuverable, climbs over most obstacles like rocks, pipes, and debris, and is easy to control with a 7-inch screen on the remote. It also records HD video and photos onto an SD card to provide the operator with more insights and quality reporting. Dark places are not a concern with high-powered LED spotlights attached to the custom tilt bracket holding the camera.

Our customers range from home inspectors to insurance adjusters and industrial facility managers to pest control technicians who utilize our inspection robots to perform visual inspections of hard-to-reach locations, many of which are inaccessible to humans. After reviewing the footage, they can determine if a firsthand look is even necessary and bring the necessary tools to expedite the entire process.

Our customers tell us they’ve run their robots for over 1,500 inspections with no signs of slowing down and been able to access areas they could never see themselves. Additionally, they’ve encountered snake pits, feral animals, and their fair share of deceased animals – all of which, they are happy to see via the robot’s camera instead of coming eye to eye within such a tight space. Imagine what you’d do coming face to face with a pit of copperhead snakes while crawling on your stomach in a 2’ high crawlspace.

Features of the GPK32

  • Durable construction with a sturdy anodized black aluminum chassis
  • HD camera or 10x optical zoom, with video and pictures stored on an SD card
  • Camera and LED spotlights on a custom actuated tilt bracket (-20° to +75°)
  • 2-hour run time with quick-swap battery
  • Track/Treads with zero-turn radius and differential steering
  • Remote control with 7” screen and live video feed
  • Rugged transport case for easy storage
  • Roll cage [removable]
  • Wheelie bar [removable]

Inspection Robots Used by

  • Home Inspectors & Build Inspectors
  • Pest Control Technicians & Exterminators
  • Insurance Adjusters & Real Estate Appraisers
  • Manufacturers & Industrial Facilities
  • Construction Reality Capture/BIM Designers