SuperDroid Groundhog Pro – Autonomous Reality Capture with LiDAR Navigation & 360° Camera

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An autonomous reality capture robot that you can schedule to tour your construction jobsite or facility at any time and any interval (daily, weekly, etc.)

Reduce work hours spent doing this task 

Why use a robot to handle this job? One of the biggest complaints about recording a site is the time it takes.

Reality capture is a repetitive process involving moving a camera and tripod, finding a place out of view, taking a photo, then readjusting the tripod several feet and moving back out of view.  It can take hours out of a busy worker’s schedule! 

And the best time to take 360° captures is during off hours when less people are around because it improves the quality of the capture and ensures privacy.

Benefits of Using an Autonomous Robot for Reality Capture

  • Efficiency: Put your reality capture on auto-pilot and free up your team.
  • Frequency: Get updates more often, allowing you to monitor progress and track changes with higher precision to catch problems faster. 
  • Consistency: Know you’re getting data reliably and consistently because it’s taken care of by a robot.
  • Profitability: Reality capture software can’t deliver the ROI you’re expecting if you can’t capture the data. Using a robot gets the job done quickly.


  • Automatic obstacle detection and avoidance.
  • Compact footprint for navigating tight work areas.
  • Dynamic remapping of the navigation map so you don’t need to remap as the construction site grows.
  • Intuitive control system for planning routes and operating the robot.
  • Easy swap batteries for extended field use or opt for autonomous charging.