Thor IPTV to 16/32 CLEAR CHANNEL RF QAM/ATSC Modulator

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IP to 8 or 16 or 32 QAM CATV RF or ATSC Agile Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-32QAM  IP to 32 RF Agile QAM Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-16QAM  IP to 16 RF Agile QAM Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-16ATSC  IP to 16 RF Agile ATSC Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-8ATSC  IP to 8 RF Agile ATSC Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-16DVBT  IP to 16 RF Agile DVB-T Edge Modulator

H-IPRF-8DVBT  IP to 8 RF Agile DVB-T Edge Modulator


QAM modulator for IPTV backbone to Clear QAM RF

Thor Broadcast model H-IPTV-16QAM will modulate IPTV transport streams to Clear-QAM RF channels for DVB-C applications

The H-IPTV-16 QAM modulator is a simple all-in-one utility device to convert up to 1024 IP Transport Streams in UDP / RTP into 16 non-adjacent QAM Channels. This Thor Broadcast high-density IP to QAM modulator is designed to take content delivered via an IP backbone or CDN system and modulate the programming onto digital QAM cable channels for distribution over coax. This product includes a 1RU chassis supporting two individual Ethernet inputs injecting up to 840Mbps on each Ethernet RJ45 connector outputs all programming onto a single RF F-Type connector for easy output into your RF Coax infrastructure. This single RU form factor allows you create your own IPTV to RF headend in a single chassis. All QAM Channels and IP inputs are managed from the easy to use NMS RJ45 port connection on the front of the unit allowing you to quickly and easily access your programming from Thor’s easy to read GUI that can be accessed from anywhere on your network. The IPTV programming input is standard headend format, meaning basic UDP / RTP unicast/multicast IGMP v2 / v3 addresses and port format. This impressive density allows a single chassis to convert an IPTV Ethernet backbone feed to be converted to a full lineup of digital cable DVB-C channels for easy distribution.




  • IPTV Modulator includes 2x Gigabit Ethernet input interfaces
  • 16 Clear QAM Channel Outputs – Non-Adjacent 50-960Mhz
  • Maximum 1024 Channels TS over UDP, RTP & Unicast / Multicast
  • Output Of RF on 16 Multiplexed, Scrambled, or QAM (DVB-C) Channels
  • Gigabit Ethernet is serviced by SFP interface
  • Supports Unicast and Multicast, supports IGMP v2 / v3
  • Max 840Mbps for each GE Input
  • Supports Up to 180 PIDs per channel with PID remapping (manual or auto)
  • Web NMS (Network Management Software) for easy online access and management