Thor Satellite IP Broadband Ethernet Modem with TCP/IP accelerator – High Speed Internet over satellite

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Thor Broadcast now carries a sat-modem, the H-IPSAT, that is designed for data applications over satellite in full compliance with DVB-S2 standards in order to achieve barrier-breaking efficiency. With superior TCP acceleration, It can effectively handle massive throughput with high-speed links and heavy traffic requirements. Its ease of installation and high-performance modulation techniques enable network operators to offer various bandwidth-intensive services in a cost-effective way.

The embedded TCP/IP acceleration is crucial for maintaining high throughput for high traffic environments. Emphasizing high bandwidth and a low-cost model means you get to keep your costs low and performance high. Using a highly touted forward error correction technique, the H-IPSAT is fully compliant with DVB-S2 and QPSK/8PSK/16APSK which will maximize your data rate and efficiency.


Create an Ethernet Network and share high bandwidth Internet that is not accessible in places like :


Sport Events

Corporate Meetings


Trade Shows


Battle / Combat


Internet over Satellite

Broadband Communication over Satellite


  • DVB-S2 Standard
  • 1x 100M Ethernet LAN port
  • IPv4 protocol (TCP/UDP/ICMP…)
  • Embedded TCP acceleration
  • High throughput upstream and downstream capabilities
  • Exceptional performance service rates up to 45 Mbps
  • 10Mhz clock input and output
  • LCD / keyboard and web-based NMS operation
  • Update device through NMS port
  • Bi-directional communication over 2 carriers  (uses 2 satelite channels to transport 45mbps data)