TSL Precision Audio Monitor PAM1-MK2


For customers working with traditional infrastructures, the PAM MK2 audio monitors
provide the same interface and operational experience as the PAM-IP, including
comprehensive loudness monitoring and Dolby Decoding capability.

  • Fully configurable analogue and digital multichannel outputs
  • Optional support for Dolby E®, Dolby Digital® and Dolby Digital Plus®
  • Dual auto-sensing, 1080p (60, 59, 94 and 50Hz), HD/SDI video inputs
  • Dual high resolution 2.4″ screens for 16 bargraphs, setup and metadata display.
  • Downmix of discreet multichannel audio to stereo for compatibility monitoring
  • Hi Resolution Video confidence monitoring
  • ITU BS1770/71 loudness measurement and Histogram