VidOvation VidOlink COFDM Family of Low Delay HD SDI Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

VidOlink COFDM Transmitter and Receiver Models for L, S or C RF Frequency Bands


  •  High performance video assist and broadcast
  •  Electronic News Gathering – ENG
  •  Sporting Events
  •  Reality Shows
  •  HD camera links for UAV/UGV/AUV
  •  High end tactical missions
  •  Reach up to 3 Miles, Line of Sight, L band
  •  Reach up to 1.5 Miles, Line of Sight, S band
  •  Reach up to 3/4 Mile, Line of Sight, C band
  •  Reach up to 40 Miles, Line of Sight with UAV High Gain Antennas


  • L, S or C band operation (model dependent)
  • H.264/MPEG4 Part 10 HD/SD video decoder
  • Light weight, yet robust.
  • Broadcast grade video and audio through a 6, 7 or 8MHz channel.
  • 16 channels configurable via front panel or serial port (PC GUI)
  • Conforms to COFDM DVB-T standards.
  • 2 audio channels – embedded and analog audio output
  • Built-in or External Down-converters
  • Optional – Video Streaming via internet.


The VidOlink COFDM Family extends our wireless HD SDI capabilities up to 40 miles using COFDM technology.  The VidOlink COFDM Family’s high RF output power and robust modulation methods provide an end to end latency of less than two frames (50-55ms).

The VidOlink COFDM Transmitter uses enhanced H.264 compression and advanced CABAC implementation with a multi-layer rate control permits robust QPSK modulation instead of 16QAM (for the same bandwidth) thereby extending link range by more than 50%.

The VidOlink COFDM Reciever is a two-antenna diversity receiver intended for demanding, long range, high mobility HD wireless video applications. It is designed with a small form factor for applications with minimal space, mounted behind a monitor, rack mounted or for camera back applications with a V-mount or AB battery plate. A bright OLED display shows all relevant link information, even from a distance. A separate SD output is available for monitoring link performance and quality. External Block Down Converters (BDC) allows long cable lengths of up to 150 feet between the antennas and receiver making it versatile for applications through walls and around obstacles.

Let VidOvation help you roll up the clutter of cables with our broad range of wireless video transport systems. Our products come in all shapes and sizes while fitting into your budget parameters. These systems support short and long range applications.  VidOvation realizes every wireless video need is different and we specialize in finding superior products to match some of the most demanding needs. Please call today.

Transmitter Specifications

RF Output:0.5W (+27 dBm) for VidOlink L/S, 100mW (+20 dBm) for VidOlink C; 4 selectable levels
RF Channels:16, configurable through PC GUI
Video:SDI formats auto detected; HD -1080p30, 1080p25, 1080i30, 1080i25, 720p60, 1080Psf24, 1080Psf23.97 and 1080p/25Psf; SD- 480i/30 and 576i/25
Encoding:H.264 (MPEG4, Part 10) AVC
Audio:Embedded audio in SDI/HD-SDI input or stereo line-level analog audio input (600W bal)
Inputs:BNC (75 ohm) for HD-SDI/SDI and Composite Video thr
Inputs:BNC (75 ohm) for HD-SDI/SDI and Composite Video through 4 pin LEMO power connector
User Data:RS232 interface, 1200-115K Baud, set through GUI (option –D)
User Interface:Serial Com port, HD/Composite SD selection, Audio source selection & Video presence indicator
Power:9 – 20V DC input
Size:4” (100mm) W x 5.25” (130 mm) H x 1.5” (40 mm) D
Weight:1.2 lbs (540 gms)

Reciever Specifications

Frequency Range:Standard Models –

VidOlink-COFDM-L-RX: L-band receiver with a tuning range of 900 MHz- 1250 MHz, 1.3 -1.7 GHz , 1.7GHz-2.1GHz (specify band while ordering).

VidOlink-COFDM-S-RX: S-band receiver with a tuning range of 2.1GHz-2.5GHz.

VidOlink-COFDM-C-RX: C-band receiver with a tuning range of 5.6-6 GHz.

Please call for other frequency ranges or frequency bands

De-modulation:COFDM (DVB-T), 2K carriers; signal auto detected
Video:HD/SD auto detected

HD -1080i30, 1080i25, 720p60, 1080PsF24, 1080Psf23.97 and 1080Psf25

SD- 480i/30 and 576i/25; SDI and Composite video output

Video output:2 BNC’s, 1 each for SDI and Composite Video, 75 ohms
Audio:Embedded audio in SDI/HD-SDI output and analog audio output (balanced)
Audio Output:Stereo Line level 1Vp-p, 600 ohms
Audio Connector:XLR 5 pin
Options:Internal BDC’s – for antenna cable less than 10ft; front panel connectors, User data, IP streaming
User Interface:Front panel with OLED display and navigation keys, Serial Com port
Power:10 – 24V DC input, external universal input power adaptor supplied
Size:8.5” (216mm) W x 1.75” (45mm) H x 12.125” (308mm) D
Weight:4 lbs (2 Kg)