Walton Hot Air De-Ice


The Walton Hot Air De-ice system is designed to prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the Satellite Earth Station Antenna. This Hot Air Deice System is the original Walton concept, with a plenum (enclosure) located on the rear of the antenna. Heaters (Gas or Electric) located on the antenna structure provide Hot Air for inside the plenum, which in turn heats the reflector surface to remove or prevent ice and/or snow from accumulating.

Over the Past 39 years, Walton has updated the plenum and heaters to ease installation, and provide the most reliable and economical satellite antenna deicing system on the market today. In order to provide maximum flexibility, Walton offers Electric, Natural Gas, and Liquid Propane Gas Heaters so the customer can make their choice, based on the cost and availability of the fuel source at their location.

Unlike Electric Pad or Heat Tape Anti-ice, the Walton Hot Air De-ice System heats the entire Satellite Communications Antenna Reflector and Back Structure uniformly. This minimizes the chances of reflector distortion (which can cause signal problems) caused by thermal expansion and contraction. Most people agree that enclosing the back of the Satellite Earth Station Antenna makes it more esthetically pleasing. This enclosure will hide the unsightly support structure and will also prevent birds from nesting in the back structure of the antenna.

Key Features

  • Prevents the accumulation of snow and ice on the Satellite Earth Station Antenna, which therefore prevents the Signal loss associated with snow and ice.
  • Heat Source Flexibility – Electric, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane Gas Heaters are available.
  • De-icing System carries a full two- year warranty.
  • De-icing system makes antenna more esthetically pleasing.
  • Technical Support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.