ZeeVee HD CATV Modulator

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ZvPro600 Series HD Digital Encoder/Modulator

The ZvPro600 series encoder/modulater delivers uncompromising digital HD video distribution over your existing coax cabling from your component or VGA HD sources. The ZvPro600 series allows you to easily distribute content up to 1080p resolution to an unlimited number of displays, using the TV’s built-in QAM tuner, eliminating the need for cumbersome, expensive set-top-boxes or media players at each display.

Manage ZvPro units can be managed locally through the color LCD screen or via an intuitive web-based, management interface — Maestro. Generate a looping signage channel with ZvShow, deliver messages to any screening using the built-in Emergency Alert System. The ZvPro supports Dolby Digital audio encoding and the included Closed Captioning makes your installation ADA compliant