SOAR-A Revolutionizes Remote Transmission

cameraman with digital video camera and professional anchorwoman interviewing businessman near

SOAR-A technology from FOR-A is a game-changer for broadcasters, and some FGI broadcasting clients have been taking advantage of these systems increase their remote broadcasts in a cost-effective way.

SOAR-A stands for “Software Optimized Appliance Revolutionized by FOR-A,” and it’s a way of processing video signals that delivers high-quality content using less bandwidth. This allows for broadcasters to provide high-definition video with low latency using whatever bandwidth they have available, which is perfect for remote applications like Friday Night Football, or quickly respond to breaking news.

SOAR-A allows broadcasters to transmit video from anywhere with an internet connection, meaning they can respond faster to breaking news and send video feeds without having to send out a microwave truck. This allows for more flexibility and agility in covering important stories.

Additionally, SOAR-A allows for the optimization of video signals for various screen sizes and resolutions, making it easier for viewers to access content on their preferred devices. This feature is particularly relevant in the current digital landscape, where mobile devices are widely used for consuming video content.

Ready to reduce your reliance on microwave trucks for remote transmissions? FGI can help get you set up with SOAR-A products so you can start realizing the benefits – including the ability to transmit high-quality video using less bandwidth, respond quickly to breaking news, and deliver content to a range of devices. Check out FOR-A products here or call us today to get started!