Safely Screen Employees with Temp Scan Advisor

The Temp Scan Advisor is a stand alone unit capable of measuring your staff and visitor’s body temperatures before entering your facility.  The unit is used to individually scan and evaluate the body temperature by the maximum temperature detected in the tear-duct of an eye. If an elevated temperature is detected, the system will sound an alarm and present a red light, indicating the subject requires additional medical screening. If the subject is scanned and evaluated within normal body temperature readings, the Enlighten TempScan system will present a green indicator.

This system comes complete with a FLIR A65 thermal imaging camera, the Enlighten TempScan thermal imaging software with alarming, discrete I/O for peripheral device connectivity, ModBus communication protocols for equipment integration, thermal image storage options, email/text on alarm features, FOV positioning guide, proximity switch for subject image acquisition, and housed in an industrial cabinet outfitted with a 23″ touch-screen HMI monitor.

For more portable applications we also offer the Temp Scan Advanced.
This package is designed to detect elevated body temperatures with non-contact thermal imaging utilizing FLIR thermal cameras. It comes complete with an FLIR A315 thermal imaging camera (320×240 thermal resolution), ENLIGHTEN thermal imaging software for heat elevation detection with alarming, thermal image storage, email/text on alarm, and wireless communications. This kit also includes camera mounting options (tripod, hard mount, or soft mount), a Pelican hard transport case, and is also fully setup and commissioned by Industrial Video Engineering (a FGI company) prior to customer receipt.

The Package Includes:
– ENLIGHTEN Thermal Imaging Software
– Remote software and camera training for up to 1 hour
– FLIR A315 Thermal Camera (320×240 resolution)
– 10′ ethernet cable
– Pelican transport case
– Intel i7, 16GB, Windows 10 Laptop
– Tripod, Hard Mount, or Soft Mount kit (based on option chosen)
– Pre-configured and setup with support from Emitted Energy